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Parish History Notes 16: Are there Burials Under Fork Church

Rev. John Cooke and his wife, Elizabeth, are buried beneath nearby Trinity Church. Are there any burials under Fork Church? We know of none, but given that the early parish records do not exist, we cannot be sure. 

Burial locations can be determined archaeologically from soil disturbances. In the limited 1997 excavations, there was no evidence of any such disturbance, but the excavators did not have access to the area under the altar where remains would most likely be placed. A brief examination under the altar area revealed nothing but extensive groundhog activity, so no conclusions could be drawn from this visual search.

There will be no need or opportunity to pursue a search for physical remains in the near future. In the meantime, though, we can try to make a list of all likely candidates for the honor and then attempt to determine if their burial locations are known. Our most likely decedent would be a well-liked rector who was serving until the time of his death or who retired and remained prominent in the community. We can identify the place of internment for all who meet these criteria, so for now we must assume that there are no human remains that have been placed in this sacred location.