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October 21, 2012

Dear Fellow Parishioner,

During this season of Thanksgiving it is with great anticipation that we write to you about your personal commitment to the Fork Church community.   Your personal commitment has many names; stewardship, giving, support, time, talents, and even treasure.  Whatever you call it, your personal commitment comes down to what the Fork community means to you.

As we reflect on this past year, we are reminded of our challenges.  Many of these challenges could have weakened other organizations, but not Fork.  During this time, each of us has experienced different emotions and thanks to the love and support of the amazing Bill Wells, our Vestry, and our congregation, we have carried on, healed, and even thrived.  The Fork community is special, a community of inclusion to be shared, a community of warmth we need to grow. Our community is an historic and spiritual treasure - we all already know that. It is up to all of us to share this with other families and help the Fork community to prosper for future generations.

This new year, 2013, is a critical time for the spiritual journey of Fork and its people.  Our theme is Growth, individual growth will drive congregational growth and that will fuel financial growth. Yes, there is the business side to your personal commitment. Our long term goal is and has been to achieve a level of financial giving so our annual interest income can be used to invest in improvements and not to fulfill our operational budget shortfalls.  We can't realistically achieve this goal by just relying on our current community, but we can achieve it through growth.  If we grow every year, the financial goal will take care of itself.

(Bring in the Mission Impossible theme music)  Your personal commitment challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to give of your time and talents to grow our congregation and to give financially at a personally significant level that supports what the Fork community means to you.  This message will self-destruct after you have made your personal commitment for God’s gift to you!

We ask that you join us in spending time in the next few weeks thinking and praying about what the Fork community means to you.  As you do so, you may return your commitment in various ways;

  • In the offering plate on any given  Sunday up to 11/18/2012
  • Email your pledge directly to our Treasurer, Andie Warfield @ ATJMW@aol.com, feel free to call her at 804-677-4755 with any questions.
  • Mail your pledge to the Fork Church in care of our Treasurer, Andie Warfield

 Thank you for your support and commitment to growth of the Fork Church.

Yours in Christ,

Rob Stiles, Stewardship

Click on the link below to download and print a copy of the pledge card: