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Acolytes assist the priest in leading worship. Among other tasks, they carry the processional cross or torches, light and extinguish candles, distribute offering plates, and and open the communion rail gate. Acolytes vest in white robes. Usually three acolytes serve each Sunday.

Fork Church currently has 20 acolytes and would love to have more. Cari Overby is our Acolyte Warden and she is looking for more acolytes and for an assistant. Please let Cari or a member of the vestry know if you are interested in serving in either capacity.  

Altar Guild
The Fork Church Altar Guild is a Lay Ministry responsible for decoration of our church and preparation for worship. Services include Eucharist (Communion), Healing Service (once/month), Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Special occasions such as Bishop's Visitation. Duties include setting the table for communion, placement of new candles for the altar, polishing all the brass such as the cross and candlesticks on the altar, processional cross and alms basins (collection plates passed during the offertory). Each season in our church calendar is signified by the color of our hangings on the communion table, pulpit and lectern. These colors match the priest's vestments. Couples, families or any single person may participate. Each year a 'NEW' schedule is made and sent to each member. We have 6 Teams; with each Team responsible for 2 NONCONSECUTIVE months per year. Responsibility for Easter and Christmas Season are rotated so the same teams are not responsible for both in any calendar year. Members can switch Sundays or month on their own. Formal meetings are not held BUT can be called, if necessary. The altar guild chairperson is Bev Smith. Please give thoughtful consideration to this special ministry; it is truly a stewardship of love undertaken in the name of Christ.

Music is a rich and important part of our worship at Fork Church. It is integral to each service and helps to deliver a complete worship experience for the congregation. The Fork Church Choir is a vibrant group of singers of all experience levels.

We meet at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning and then sing at the 10 a.m. service. In addition, from Sept. to May, we hold practice from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. on Sundays. Our repertoire consists of traditional hymns to modern choral arrangements.

We invite all to join in this important part of our worship. You don't need any previous experience to take an active part in our music program. We offer a great time of Christian fellowship as well as music training for everyone. Our choir directors are Amy Newell and Kathy Thomas; our organist is Lindsey Gill Smythe.

Flower Guild
The Fork Church Flower Guild is a ministry that contributes to the beauty of our worship. Members arrange flowers for Sunday and occasional special services. The flowers are either purchased with Guild funds or obtained as gifts from area gardens. The Guild supplies the oasis and containers necessary for arrangements. Contributions to the Altar Guild Fund (Treasurer—Alice Noland) provide for the purchase of flowers. Flowers may be given in honor or memory of a loved one; the sign up sheet is in the church entryway. It is the responsibility of the Flower Guild member to ensure that the flowers are in place by the 10 AM Sunday service and that they are taken down after the service. The Guild works as a group to decorate the Church for Christmas and Easter.

We WELCOME hearing from interested people who want to know more and participate in a fun and rewarding activity while beautifying the church and bringing glory to God!  Please call Emily Dickson at 804-339-1757 for more information.

Lay Ministers/Lectors

Think of the lectors as the "town criers" of the church. At the appointed time during the service, the lectors read the Word of the Lord to the congregation. Anyone, young or old, can be a lector. Training is provided once a year for the group as a whole and individually as needed. All a potential lector needs is the desire to proclaim God’s word with reverence, clarity, and grace.

The position of Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM) is more involved. The Lay Eucharistic Minister assists the Priest with the service, primarily by leading the psalm and serving the chalice during Holy Eucharist. Any interested adult member can be a Lay Eucharistic Minister. Training is provided, and Lay Eucharistic Ministers are licensed by the bishop.

Contact person for lectors and LEM's is Howard Anderson.

Christian Education

Godly Play
Godly Play is a method of Christian education and spiritual direction for children. The goal of Godly Play is to teach children the art of using religious language – parable, sacred story, silence, and liturgical action – to help them become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives.

In Godly Play, we tell Bible stories to children to encourage them to enter into the stories and relate them to their personal experience.

Godly Play is concerned with the spiritual development of each child as an individual and with modeling the appropriate moral behaviors expected of people living within a Christian Community.

In Godly Play, each class session follows the pattern of the church’s Sunday Service, so children will have a deeper understanding and enjoy fuller participation in the parish worship.

Godly Play was developed and classroom tested for more than twenty years by Episcopal priest, author, and teacher Jerome Berryman. The Godly Play method is currently being used in churches of many denominations throughout the world.

At Fork Church, we have three Godly Play groupings.
  Group I is for 3, 4 and 5 year olds
  Group II is for Grades 1, 2, and 3
  Group III is for grades 4 and 5

We meet in the Parish House at 10:00 am for about 40 minutes and go to church for communion. Our lead teachers for Godly Play are Boo Smythe and Ann Neri.

Youth Group;  Journey to Adulthood
Journey to Adulthood is a program of spiritual formation for young people. The goals of the program are to celebrate the transition from youth to adulthood, to explore our faith heritage, to build community and friendships, and to deal with issues that are important to teenagers. At Fork Church the J2A (Journey to Adulthood) program includes youth from the 6th grade through the 12th grade. With our continued growth,  we have divided the J2A program into two groups: Rite 13 is the 6th - 8th grades, and 'YAC' is the 9th - 12th grades. We meet twice a month for fun, fellowship, food and faith exploration. The program includes such activities as “Holy Hockey”, Frisbee Golf, bowling, swimming, community service, serving as acolytes, diocesan retreats at Shrine Mont, mission trips, Youth Sunday at church and just “hanging” out together. Please contact Boo Smythe for Rite 13 or Jessamy Austin for YAC.

Adult Forum
In our Sunday morning meeting of men and women, we engage in open discussion of the meaning of Christianity aimed at developing a deepening capacity for growth in faith. We study the Bible and consider the works of theologians and lay writers, past and present, to guide us to awareness of the presence and availability of God's Kingdom here on earth. We invite you to join us in our journey of faith. We meet every Sunday from September through May at 9 AM in the Parish Hall. Our leaders are Don Schubert and Fr Nik.