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Alter Guild and Schedule


The Fork Church Altar Guild is a Lay Ministry responsible for decoration of our church and preparation for worship. Services include Eucharist (Communion), Healing Service (once/month), Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Special occasions such as Bishop's Visitation. Duties include setting the table for communion, placement of new candles for the altar, polishing all the brass such as the cross and candlesticks on the altar, processional cross and alms basins (collection plates passed during the offertory). Each season in our church calendar is signified by the color of our hangings on the communion table, pulpit and lectern. These colors match the priest's vestments. Couples, families or any single person may participate. Each year a 'NEW' schedule is made and sent to each member. We have 6 Teams; with each Team responsible for 2 NONCONSECUTIVE months per year. Responsibility for Easter and Christmas Season are rotated so the same teams are not responsible for both in any calendar year. Members can switch Sundays or month on their own. Formal meetings are not held BUT can be called, if necessary. The altar guild chairperson is Bev Smith. Please give thoughtful consideration to this special ministry; it is truly a stewardship of love undertaken in the name of Christ.

How are Donations to the Altar Guild Used:  All donations to The Altar Guild go to pay for flowers, the wine and bread, the candles, accessories, the linens and vestments, special occasion needs, repairs, cleaning of brass & silver and more.  We thank you for your generosity.