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Parish Life: Coffee Hours, Picnics, The Opera, The Stew = Fellowship

Parish Life provides opportunities for fellowship and socialization among the community of Fork Church by organizing social gatherings, fun events, celebrations, and church programs like Coffee Hour,  Lemonade on the Lawn, Parish Breakfasts/Dinners/Parties, and Fundraisers.  If you want more information or want to help contact Alice Noland.

The Opera:  Well we call it an Opera and we do that the occasional Opera Singer perform, our Opera is more like a Variety Show.  Now entering its third and we are told, final year, it features the Fork Church Phantom who after much angst expressed a desire to let go of his anger and pain and join us in celebrating the Word of God.  He sound found himself on a mission trip, to the Isle of Fondu, where he rescued some poor tourists from becoming dinner (see them in the pot above!).  With the help of the Supremes (see ladies with bones in the hair), he spreads the Word and comes home to join our congregation.  In this last performance we heard what all our favorite Opera characters have been up to and learn why they are in New York City, of all places!  The Money raised each year for the Opera is given to the Church for a specific project.


The Family Picnic at the Smythes kicks off our summer.  After worshiping in the beautiful pavilion we have lunch and swim.  The kids have a wonderful time and it is a great time and place to worship and play together.

         Family Weekend at Shrine Mont usually takes place in the fall.                    .                              

The Heavenly Stew takes place in early December.  In addition to making and  selling the best Brunswick Stew around, we have a bake sale, make and sell wreaths, sell hot dogs and sodas, and have a good time.  The money raised goes to the Church's General Fund.

 See our Facebook page for more photos.